Why are so many couples choosing a private last dance?

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Why are so many couples choosing a private last dance?
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Why Are So Many Couples Choosing a Private Last Dance?

Private last dances are trending in weddings. It’s a last dance with your new spouse with only the photographer and videographer present to document the special moment. A private last dance at your wedding is a meaningful way to wrap up your special day. If you’re not quite sold, consider these reasons why a private last dance can be a great addition to your wedding day.

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Intimate Moment

This dance gives you and your partner time to share a quiet, intimate moment together. Your wedding day will be filled with excitement, and you’ll be busy the entire day. This dance gives you a few minutes alone to soak it all in.

Amidst the whirlwind of the wedding day, it’s easy to get pulled in different directions. A private last dance gives you a moment to reconnect with your partner. Take this time to reaffirm your love and commitment to each other in a quiet, romantic setting to your favorite song.

Time to Reflect on the Day

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Weddings can be overwhelming with so many friends and family. With so many people to greet and things to do, this is a moment just for the two of you. This last dance gives you both a chance to reflect on the day’s events. Chat about your favorite moments of the day and savor those memories together before the night comes to a close.

Throughout the day, people will pull you in all directions—for photos, conversations, and mingling with guests. A private last dance ensures you have a few moments of uninterrupted time together. Take this time to simply enjoy each other’s company and revel in the joy of being married.

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Grand Exit

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A private last dance will help clear your reception of guests, allowing your planners to gather everyone for your grand exit.

Of course, a private last dance is a personal choice. It offers a beautiful and meaningful way to end your wedding day.

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