How to Get the Best Grand Exit Photo

Filed in Weddings — August 1, 2023


How to Get the Best Grand Exit Photo

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We’ve helped hundreds of couples say ‘I do’ to their person in life, and every Mint Springs Farm affair has been incredibly memorable. But we do have a soft spot for couples who are game for a grand exit—because, really, when else can you have your own mic drop moment (possibly even, quite literally, if you and your wife or hubs sing the last song with your band and then drop the mic—gently, of course—and proceed into your after-party #LikeaTotalRockstar), if not on the day you get married? 

We’re big fans of sparklers here at the farm, but you can truly plan anything to make your farewell feel most like you (your friends and family will participate no matter what, because they’re the hype squad for the day).  

The vintage getaway car. Ooh we’ve seen a ton of our couples ride off in classic coupes or convertibles following their reception, and we kind of wish we were going with them! Just don’t forget to have some signage ready for all the paparazzi shots. 

Farewell bonfire. Camp vibes are majorly popular these days (Beanie Feldstein just had her own elevated camp wedding in May), so you won’t find a single person who isn’t totally smitten about gathering up for a bonfire, telling scary stories, and roasting marshmallows as a way to wind down after your wedding.  

Glow stick game. If you were a 90s kid—or went to a dayglo party at least once in your collegiate career, you could probably get behind a good glow stick parade. With this, you and your love will walk through a tunnel of lights held up by your guests.

Snacks to go. Maybe you’ll be sticking around for an after-party, where your guests can keep noshing through the night—but if you’re more inclined to call it a night early (especially if you’ve got a post-nuptials brunch on the menu for the next morning), then we can promise you some late-night food truck action will not go to waste. 

Confetti cannons. We love a great bubble goodbye, but truthfully, when it’s so late at night, you might not want to get all soapy and sudsy. And, let’s be honest, bright-colored confetti is festive and photographs well. Opt for biodegradable bursts, if you can! 

We’ll always play for the ‘epic exit’ team, because it’s a stylish way to ring in your newlywedship. But beyond that, it also lets you book-end your big day in a big way. Your photographer will be SO excited to capture these finale shots, so if you want to make the most of it—here are just a few tips to make your grand farewell flawless:

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(Oh! And please don’t feel pressured to do any of these things if it doesn’t feel 100 percent right for you and your soon-to-be spouse. They’re just some pointers we’ve picked up over the years!)

Amber Ridge Productions

Switch your ‘fit. Your ensem for the day will be perfect, for sure, but if you want some snaps that feel fresh and fun, then change up the fashion!

Honey and Bee Photo

Hug, kiss, dip, or stroll like nobody’s watching. In other words, be yourself. You two have been planning this day for what seems like forever, so go in for that hug, embrace a dip, squeeze each other tight. Your photographer will shoot the s*** out of your sweetness!

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Get a black and white edit or two. Because there’s just something so special about photos treated with a black and white filter.


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