The Ultimate Guide to Pulling off the Perfect Mismatched Bridesmaid Look

The Ultimate Guide to Pulling off the Perfect Mismatched Bridesmaid Look

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The Ultimate Guide to Pulling off the Perfect Mismatched Bridesmaid Look

mismatched bridesmaid dresses in bright colors
Sowing Clover Photography

Mismatched bridesmaid dresses are trending and there’s absolutely no sign of it fizzling out so keep reading for the ultimate guide to perfect mismatched bridesmaid dresses. We recently hosted the most stunning summer wedding that inspired us to write this post! Taylor created the perfect mismatched wedding party on the farm and it definitely looked like it took some planning. She went with a mix of bold and pastel pink, a bright pop of cantaloupe orange, pastel blues and purples and both yellow and rose floral bridesmaid dresses – this combination turned out to be quite a showstopper! If you’re not natural fashionistas like this crew, this is how to nail a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing look for your wedding party.

Dresses left to right:
Yellow Floral: Yellow Ruffle Tiered Floral Cut-out Chiffon Gown
Light Pink: Sorry, we don’t have info on this one.
Orange: Sold out on Anthropologie but is available on Poshmark
Seafoam: Ren Split Maxi Dress
Lavender: Sleeveless V-neck Chiffon Wrap Dress In Pale Purple
Blue/Green Floral: V. Chapman Geranium Dress- Tapestry Rose
Magenta: Charmeuse Halter Strap Soft Tie Waist Gown
Blue: Jasmine Halter Maxi Dress

1. Choose a Color Palette

mismatched bridesmaid dresses in neutral tones
Hailey Petersen Photography

Decide on a color palette that compliments your wedding theme and overall decor. This could be a range of shades within a specific color family or a mix of complementary colors. Our beautiful bride Brittney went with neutral shades for a sophisticated and sleek look. See more of her Mint Springs Farm wedding here with florals by The Bloom House.

2. Set General Guidelines for Mismatched Dresses

mismatched bridesmaid dress styles in black
Christine Meyer Creative

While you want mismatched bridesmaid dresses, it’s a good idea to set some general guidelines to maintain a cohesive look. These guidelines could include a specific dress length (e.g., knee-length or floor-length), a certain level of formality, or a basic dress silhouette. Our gorgeous bride Terra chose to have her bridesmaids all in black but varying styles with white bouquets by The Bloom House and we love the drama! For some serious wedding inspiration, you can see more of her amazing Tennessee wedding here.

3. Allow Individuality

shades of green mismatched bridesmaid dresses
The Hopkins Co.

Embrace the uniqueness of each bridesmaid by allowing them to choose a dress that best suits their body. You definitely want your wedding party to feel beautiful, confident and happy on your special day! Livia’s ladies were stunning in green and looked pretty happy with their choices, see more of this Nashville wedding that was full of smiles here!

4. Keep a Common Thread for Perfect Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

modern mismatched bridesmaid dresses in taupe
Samantha Harrell Photography

Look for a common element that ties the dresses together. Think: similar fabric texture, neckline, waistline, or overall vibe. This will help provide a visual aesthetic among the dresses. Bride Crissy chose to go with a modern taupe for all of her bridesmaids and had them chose their favorite style and length, but carry coordinating bouquets by with white bouquets by The Bloom House. See more of this stunning wedding on the farm here.

5. Coordinate Accessories

The Hopkins Co.

Consider suggesting or providing an accessory that aligns with your color palette or theme. This could include matching shoes, or jewelry.

From Angela at The Bloom House: “Go with simple floral bouquets. We recommend that they area all the same. A muted mix of all the colors combined or pick a neutral color that blends with all and make that the floral bouquet color.

6. Swatches and Approval

Get fabric swatches or create a shared Pinterest board with colors and styles you love. You probably want to ask them to share their dress choices with you before buying to make sure everything fits your overall vision. Most if not all bridesmaid dress companies offer bridesmaid dress fabric swatches, check with your favorite.

7. Communicate

Samantha Harrell Photography

Communicate openly with your bridesmaids during the process. Set clear expectations from the start and don’t hesitate to speak up about what. Ultimately your bridesmaids want you to be happy on your big day!

8. Get in Formation

Sowing Clover Photography

On your wedding day, arrange your bridesmaids in an order that best showcases the colors and styles of each dress. Some colors just look better next to each other.

9. Consider the Photo Ops

bridesmaid first look
Sowing Clover Photography

Mismatched bridesmaid dress inspiration is huge and dress designers always want to see their dresses on real bodies in real life! Ask your photographer to snap a few extra photos of the group and the individuals. Be sure to tag the designers when you post too!

Sowing Clover Photography

10. Confidence and Comfort

Prioritize your bridesmaids’ comfort and confidence. While we all want a perfect cohesive look, their comfort and happiness are what’s really important.

Remember, the goal of a mismatched wedding party is to achieve a balanced combination of uniformity and individuality that reflects your wedding style and your bridesmaids’ personalities and personal style. Follow the steps above for the ultimate guide to perfect mismatched bridesmaid dresses.


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