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Wedding Experiences Are the New Favors

Filed in Tips, Weddings — June 29, 2023


Wedding Experiences Are the New Favors

Samantha Harrell Photography

A lot of our couples ask if wedding favors are still a thing in 2023, and, without fail, we always say yes. Maybe it’s because we’re suckers for nostalgia—there wasn’t a birthday party goodie bag we didn’t go totally bonkers for back in the 90s and 2000s—or maybe because we just love the sentiment behind favors, sending your guests off with a special token of your appreciation for their presence at your wedding, but we’re team favors through in and throughout. We just really like seeing favors that aren’t your cookie-cutter, well, cookie cutters (and yes, kid you not, we’ve walked out of a wedding with a cookie cutter favor; suuuuper cute, and crazy useful, but, dare we say, just a bit basic?). Shot glasses, bottle openers (fancy stoppers, okay, maybe), tiny pots of succulents—yes, they’re adorable, but they’ve been done. A lot), there’s a reason they’ve been a popular choice for decades: they come in clutch when your guests need ‘em and they’re sweet; but if you’re after something iconic, practical, and relevant way beyond your wedding day, we’ve got some tips! 

Before we touch on a few favorite favors we’ve seen our Mint Springs Farm couples send their guests off with, as of late, let’s talk about the things you should keep in mind when you’re first discussing favors anyway.

Good favors are right there when they need them.

Samantha Harrell Photography

Yes, a little box of chocolates at each guest’s place setting can be a nice treat between courses—but, let’s be honest, once they’re eaten, they’re gone. As for a handy bottle opener, it’s pretty useful if your guests and their plus ones need something to crack open a bottle of your home-brewed amber ale (which would actually be a really nice favor, if you and bae are master brewers and not just getting into the hobby…). A wine stopper is even better, though… Because it’s one of those things you might forget you have, but then when you need it, as soon as you find it (especially a chic wooden one), you’ll let out a big sigh of relief. #WineSaved TG.

Which brings us to this discerning point: Hand out sunglasses as your guests arrive to your outdoor cocktail hour squinting and kicking themselves for leaving their shades at home; set up a “make your own” boozy popsicle station for friends and family members who might not be ready for the open bar yet, but still want to be festive and cool off if your wedding is happening on one of the hottest days of summer; give your guests a comfortable pair of flip flops, flats, or slipper socks to wear while they’re tearing up the dance floor; have custom coloring books or crossword puzzles ready for antsy little ones or easily-distracted bridal party members.

A big part of the wedding memory, overall.

You and your new spouse should remember your wedding day/weekend for years and decades to come (that’s the hope, of course!!) and so should your closest family members and friends. Your guests, on the other hand, will recall the high points: the fantastic food and drinks, the entertainment, the extra special moments—and the place, when it’s 👌; we’d like to think that every guest who has ever partied at Mint Springs Farm won’t forget it! But if your wedding favors let your guests in on a fun, regionally-specific tradition, like hat-making in music city, they’ll reminisce about the experience forever. 

Rustler Hat Co.

Whether you’re hosting out-of-town guests at your Nashville wedding or planning destination nuptials where your nearest and dearest have never been, we can promise you a private hat bar setup, where your guests can design their own cowboy/cowgirl hat complete with fringe, feathers, leather, etc., during your reception (or at your after party) will be unforgettable. An authentic Australian wool or straw hat (or an even fancier fur felt hat) is a standout souvenir and can be worn whenever the occasion calls for it—if they’re in Nashville or not—but the good times had by all at your wedding are gold.

Something they’ll cherish for a long, long time.

The Hopkins Co.

We love edible favors—seriously, sign us up for ALL the decadent dessert displays, vintage candy bars, and icing-on-the-cake (at the end of the night) snacks once everyone starts to disperse—but as soon as they’re eaten, they’re but a distant memory.

That’s why we’re more inclined to say go with an experience with staying power. We’ve hosted some unbelievable artists like Lauren O’Brien Art, a live event painter, for cocktail hours, receptions, and post-wedding hangs, and our couples and their VIPs have been over the moon about the takeaways. Just think about it: your guests aren’t just rolling out of bed and heading over to your wedding (especially those in your wedding party), they’re styling themselves, looking dapper and divine for your special day, and getting all-done-up for their own date night. So, if they can steal away for a few moments to sit with their significant other (one or two of their besties or even you guys, the guests of honor!) and have a custom portrait done—wow, how special is that? They’ll take their artwork home and find the perfect place to hang or display it. And guess what? Every time they look at their hand painted likeness, they’ll be reminded of your wedding and just how awesome it was.

So, yes, to answer your question—are wedding favors still a thing—mmhmm, you bet they are!


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