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Get Your Save the Dates Right the First Time

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Get Your Save the Dates Right the First Time

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Sending out Save the Date cards should be one of the first steps in the wedding planning process after you’ve set a date and chosen a venue. These announcements allow your guests to mark their calendars well in advance, increasing the likelihood that they will be able to attend your wedding. Here are a few important tips to ensure you get your Save the Dates right the first time:

1. Timing is Everything

The general guideline is to send out Save the Date cards about six to eight months before the wedding. If you’re having a destination wedding or many of your guests will be traveling from out of town, consider sending them out even earlier to give your guests plenty of time to make travel arrangements.

2. Include Essential Information

At a minimum, the Save the Date should include your names, the date of the wedding, and the city where it will be held. If you already have a wedding website, be sure to include that URL and your wedding hashtag if you want guests to follow along. There’s no need to include information about the time of the ceremony or the venue; that will come later with the formal invitation.

3. Keep it Cohesive

The style and tone of your Save the Date can set the mood for your wedding. While it doesn’t have to match your invitations or wedding theme perfectly, it’s a good idea to aim for some level of cohesion. This can help set guests’ expectations about the formality and style of your wedding.

4. Consider Your Guest List

Only send Save the Dates  to people you are sure you want to invite to the wedding. It’s a commitment, and receiving a “Save the Date” implies that a formal invitation will follow. Make sure you’ve finalized your guest list to avoid awkward situations later.

5. Double Check the Details

Before sending anything out, double-check all the information for accuracy. Make sure dates, names, and locations are spelled correctly. Have one or two people proof it before you send it to print. Once these go out, it’s hard and confusing to make corrections.

Make your Save the Date process smooth and effective to be sure that your guests mark their calendars and have all the information they need.


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